Do I need to enable location services to receive notifications?

Yes, in order to receive notifications from all the beacons in your area you must enable location services on your device.

Do customers have to download the app to receive the notifications?

Yes, Beaconnected is a community based app and the more people who download it and the more businesses promote it, the more everyone benefits. Only once you have downloaded the app will a customer be able to receive geo-based notifications.

Does the phones Bluetooth have to be switched on?

Yes, the phone’s Bluetooth must be switched on in order to receive the notification. It is worth noting that Bluetooth’s drain on a battery on most newer versions of smart phone is very minimal.

How does it work?

Beaconnected works by scanning for beacons within a set proximity of your smart phone. Once a smart phone comes in range with an active beacon, the retailer can choose to send you a notification of a special offer or promotion about their store or service.

Do I have to accept the notification?

No, if the notification does not interest you, you can simply choose to ignore it by not swiping on the message.

Why can I not see a notification?

There may be several reasons for this; however the most likely is that your smart phone is not within range of any current beacons.

Can I receive more than one notification?

Yes, depending on the number of how many beacons are within a range of your smartphone at any one time, you will be able to receive multiple notifications from one or several retailers.

What if there are more than two beacons in an area at the same time?

Again this will not affect the notification process; in fact, they are designed to work together to transmit helpful information within small to broader ranges, depending on what the beacons’ distances are set to.

Does Beaconnected always track my phone’s location?

No, the Beaconnected app is simply scanning via the Bluetooth signal for any beacons within your smartphone’s vicinity. When it then connects with a beacon a notification may be sent.

Does Beaconnected share my data with any third party?

No, Beaconnected does not access, store, share or sell your data; it is simply a way of communicating via a one-on-one platform.


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