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What Beaconnected offers your business

  • Reach new and existing customers when they are in close proximity to your location
  • Free to send
  • Communicate one-on-one with potential customers
  • Enhance your customer’s shopping experience with special offers
  • Affordability for small businesses to compete with large businesses



What is Beacon technology?



Beacons are small bluetooth devices that automatically send push notifications to a user’s smartphones once they are within a designated proximity radius of your business.

These notifications can promote special offers and sales to entice shoppers to enter your business.

Once inside your store, beacons can then be used to send customers personalised offers or helpful shopping or location hints.

All that’s required is for businesses to encourage their customers to download the Beaconnected app.



Learn how Beaconnected can help your business

We provide everything you need.


Easy to use web portal

Ongoing sales and technical support

In store promotion and social media support

  • Essential
  • 1 x iBeacon
  • 2 x POS Posters
  • 1 x Monthly Notification
  • Subscribe Now
  • Extend
  • 2 x iBeacons
  • 2 x POS Posters
  • 5 x Monthly Notifications
  • Subscribe Now

All tiers include web interface login and password, tech support and beacons.
Conditions of Purchase: Minimum 6 month commitment. $150 deposit for ibeacons. Quarterly payment plan. Return of stock at completion of contract or use.

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