What is beaconnected?

Beaconnected is a community-based proximity service app that allows users to receive exclusive offers, store information and promotions direct to their phone when they enter within a dedicated proximity of a participating business' beacon.

Our agnostic push notification network means Beaconnected is compatible with iOS and Android. Receive notifications and offers from some of Australia's leading and local retailers, restaurants and attractions. Simply swipe to view and start experiencing shopping like never before.

How beaconnected works

Beacons use a Bluetooth low energy signal to communicate with tablet and smart phones within the beacon’s range. To become a participating retailer, simply join Beaconnected, choose the package that suits you and create an account.

Once you have joined, log in and create your message, drag and drop an image from our library or upload your own.

Choose your preferred beacon to display your message and the range. Apply and send - your message will now be sent to anyone who walks by your store with the Beaconnected app.

What beaconnected offers your business

  • Reach new and existing customers when they are in close proximity to your location
  • Free to send
  • Communicate one-on-one with potential customers
  • Enhance your customer’s shopping experience with special offers
  • Affordability for small businesses to compete with large businesses

Follow just 3 simple steps:

1. Purchase your beacon

2. Set up your offer through the portal

3. Start attracting customers

Choose your plan and SAVE 20% through Plans:

All tiers include web interface login and password, tech support and beacons.
Conditions of Purchase: Minimum 6 month commitment. $150 deposit for ibeacons refundable on return of ibeacons at completion of contract.

Beaconnected proudly supports: