Introducing StrataConnect

StrataConnect allows you to communicate with tenants, landlords and owner occupiers via a simple cost effective and convenient method. With the use of specifically placed beacons throughout a building, you can notify inhabitants of upcoming maintenance, outages, emergency evacuation procedures and drills, event strata events and meetings, all delivered straight to their mobile phone.

Better yet, you can target each beacon with its own unique messaging, date and time and range, ensuring that only the relevant messaging is delivered to those who need it when they need it.

How StrataConnect Works

Through the use of our portal, a body corporate manager simply creates the messaging, including images and or video if preferred, selects the necessary beacon/s you wish to assign the notification to and submit. The message uploaded is now instantly live and will be delivered to those who come within the designated radius of the corresponding beacon.

Ideal For: Elevator maintenance and outage scheduled for a particular date. Instead of sending email, text messages and or notices adhered to walls or notice board with the building, StrataConnect allows you to upload the message to all the relevant beacons, that will then trigger the notification to a tenant’s smart phone device when within range.

Also For: Emergency Fire Drills - Notify tenants of an upcoming fire drill, the date, the procedures and what to do in-case of an emergency. You can link to helpful websites and or phone numbers.

What you need: Portal access, Beacon/s, Smart Phone App.

Why Agents Need StrataConnect

Convenience Deliver instant, updated and convenient messaging to your body corporate inhabitants

Efficiency Ease of use and time management, via the one portal, no longer chasing tenants, landlords. Sticking up and removing notice boards.

Communication Ability to send agnostic push notifications to vested parties, great for AGM reminders, strata fee reminders and general updates

Branding Great for reinforcing your brand and standing out from or competitors who are not using the technology

Cost Effective Monthly investment can be passed on as part of body corporate fees

Why Tenants Need StrataConnect

Relevance Receive up to date and relevant messaging direct to their smart phone, this can be floor, company or building specific

Convenience Stay up to date with the latest body corporate information all via your smart phone

Record Saving With the save and archive feature, tenants can view past notices and information and set reminders for themselves

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