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Retail Hospitality Tourism Events and festivals Travel Entertainment Service and Large Ticket Corporate, Advertising / Digital signage Local Government, community and education


Fashion, jewellery, homewares, travel agents, wine and bottle shops

Beaconnected notifications will:

  • Send offers and discount information to a customer when they are near a product or a particular area of the store.
  • Advise customers of new stock, clearance items or seasonal goods.
  • Highlight a promotion or incentive to returning customers or use these incentives to encourage returning customers.
  • Offer loyalty rewards and membership sign-ups or ‘refer a friend’ benefits.
  • Promote gift vouchers and suggest these to consumers on high retail days, i.e. Mother’s Day, Easter and Christmas.

General emotive messaging; for example –

  • ‘Love traditional Italian style dining, table of 4 available at…’
  • ‘Free tastings and exclusive / limited ranges’

Future development – customised options will be available

For instance, businesses can send a push notification when an existing customer is nearby, check or search sales history and inventory to see if an item a customer was searching for is now in stock, available or on sale. Allow your staff to access useful information about the customer:

eg: Their preferred brand, menu item, beverage name, historical purchases and buying patterns.

  • Access relevant data about busy and slower trading periods so that you can optimise work flow and service requirements.
  • Offer coupons to customers after a purchase to share with family or friends, thus encouraging others to visit during a sale, special event or promotion.
  • Street vendors will be able to announce their arrival to anyone within the beacon’s set proximity radius. Great for coffee, food, florists and similar pop-up seller environments.
  • Parking information and assistance can also be announced and detailed using beacons.
  • Keep in touch by taking advantage of consumers’ waiting time:
    • Be interesting – offer them a time waster message, i.e. something funny to read or do (the recipient will not only remember you, but will share this experience).
    • Be informative – provide information about a new product or service.
  • Current and future technology allows businesses to combine social communication with consumer-driven benefits. Use your beacons to encourage your loyal customers to bring new people into your store by offering incentives, contests, challenges and above all, a more productive and inviting shopping experience.
  • Shoppers can:
    • Tag a product for a friend, as that person was unable to locate the item elsewhere.
    • Receive more information or instant discounts on various products when you place beacons near these items and ask shoppers to place their phone close the item and view the messages on their phone. These details could also be displayed on in-store important products.


Cafes, restaurants, take away venues, street and mobile vendors, wine and bottle shops, pubs and bars

Venues can promote:

  • Happy hours – either in advance or only during the designated time period, if preferred.
  • Special events and headline DJ’s.
  • New menu items and daily specials.
  • Old favourites and best sellers.

Future development – customised options will be available

Venues will be able to:

  • Provide cover charge information.
  • Waiting times; for line-ups, ordering, pick up or table availabilities.
  • Inform passing customers that the venue is full, would like more patrons, has free parking spaces, or has several dining tables left.

Eventually, based on movement patterns between 1 or 2 beacons, venues will be able to access information on those waiting in line, i.e. their name, image, last orders and even recommend additional purchases with their usual orders.

Then there is:

  • Automated check-in for accommodation.
  • Organised tours and pub crawls with interactive guides.
  • Remote food orders.

The appliations are endless!


Attractions, zoos, museums and art galleries

Organisers will be able to:

  • Advise how long queue times are when waiting in line for attractions.
  • Share points of interest and / or display maps and other useful information to visitors upon arrival and while on-site.
  • Provided useful information about the venue or future events.
  • Provide details on community facilities and their location. i.e. food stalls, cafés, toilets and exits.
  • Offer self-guided tours.
  • Allow visitors to read and write comments ‘attached’ to exhibition items that other people nearby or in the future will be able to access.

Provide exhibition information – a zoo offers the perfect example:

  • Interactive map.
  • Inside the zoo, where everything is and how to get there.
  • General information such as –
    • Food and beverage specials / promotions.
    • Gift shop and merchandise.
    • Headphones hire or purchase fee.
    • Accommodation and animal encounters.
    • Customer surveys.
    • Animal enclosure information.
  • Description of animals.
  • Map and details of origin.
  • Images, video and audio.
  • Feeding time information.
  • Donations for certain animals or ‘adopt and animal’ information.
  • Visitor history and preferences.
  • Hot spot map reporting of visitor traffic and interests / interactions.

Events & Festivals

Community events, concerts and music festivals, sun, snow and water activities

  • Promote general information.
  • Event and stage times.
  • Tickets sales, reminders and last minute ticket availabilities.
  • Food and beverage promotions.
  • Public alerts.

For beaches –

  • Display weather information and maps with important details for locals and tourists.
  • Lifeguard, police and doctors.

For snow fields –

  • Skiing information at the base of ski lifts, possible recommendations and weather conditions.
  • Useful information about the venue or future events that will take place.
  • Where food stalls, toilets and exits are located.


Beacons in airports, train stations and bus terminals can provide location and travel information such as:

  • Where the check-in gates, exits, or transport stations are located.
  • Early or late arrivals and departures.
  • Platforms and gates.
  • Tracking numbers and changes.
  • More efficient luggage retrieval.
  • Tracking of lost luggage.


When passing by a cinema consumers can receive vouchers or information on what’s playing, video trailers and last minute ticket availabilities. At stadiums consumers can receive merchandise information and promotions, assistance with finding their allocated seating or upgrade of seating and can receive real-time score updates and statistics from multiple games.

Service & Large Ticket Purchases

Car dealerships, real estate agents

Beacons can:

  • Promote vehicle specials, features and valuable historical information.
  • Be used on property sign boards to send instant brochures or links to a website URL.
  • Displaying listings or a walk through video and be combined with live agent.

Corporate, Advertising / Digital Signage

Beacons will enable:

  • Better networking at conferences and events as they are able to display valuable information in real-time.
  • Smarter and more personalised digital signage.
  • Ads to be tailored to the audience and in their language (based on the phone’s language).
  • Direct contact – no more Facebook page written on the ad; just serve the link directly to follow the page.
  • Interaction with billboards based on which apps the consumer has installed and react to what consumers do, offering rewards on proof of message read.

Local Government, Community & Education

Schools, universities and TAFE colleges

Utilise beacons as digital bulletin boards announcing course information and related details, campus buildings and amenities information for students and faculty.

For councils, library, parks and events can utilise beacons to communicate and share information about activities and events in the area, opening and closing times for libraries, community halls and park facilities. Reminders for waste collections, recycling drives, dog registration and local road closures can be distributed.

The evolution of technology is boundless and the benefits endless. All very good reasons to Beaconnected.

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